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permanent HOLIDAY & Seasnoal Lighting

Permanent Lighting Design Service

The design staff at RadiantScapes will prepare a custom designed permanent seasonal lighting project for your home or business.

How does it work?

  • We DESIGN a custom permanent holiday/seasonal display.

  • We INSTALL quality commercial-grade lights.

  • We TEACH you how to operate the system.


Our professional permanent lighting solutions provide bright, beautiful, and customizable lighting for homes and businesses. The system allows you to enjoy customized lighting year round. No more hanging holiday lights every year. Let us install permanent holiday lights for a fraction of the overall costs of having lights installed every year.

Benefits of installing permanent holiday and seasonal lighting:

  • Always holiday ready.

  • Forward facing lights that are visible from every angle.

  • Weatherproof.

  • Inconspicuous during the day. 

  • Programmable with more than 70 preset lighting functions.

  • Eliminating the hassle of hanging holiday lights.

Thank you for considering our services. 


Permanent lighting is great for both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL applications.

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