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service and repair

​RadiantScapes provides service for many common lighting issues, including:

  • Light fixtures not working

  • Lights are dim

  • Broken fixtures

  • Poor light coverage

  • Timer not working

  • Damage by other contractors

  • Lightning strikes

  • Exposed wiring

  • System overloads

FL LED Badge

RadiantScapes offers full service and repair of low voltage outdoor and landscape lighting. Our trained technicians can assess your existing lighting system and recommend necessary repairs and replacements. We can also provide a site inspection and offer solutions to enhance the safety and security of your property.

Troubleshooting Lighting Issues

Our technicians use technology and experience to locate damaged underground wires, determine voltage drop that may cause dimming of lights, and ensuring proper wiring of transformer.

Annual Lighting System Inspection

RadiantScapes offers annual low voltage lighting system inspections. Contact us today to set up your annual inspection service that includes cleaning of all fixtures and transformers, aligning fixtures for optimum lighting effects, checking proper connections of wiring in transformer, safety inspection of existing fixtures, and recommendation of any service or repairs needed. The annual lighting system inspection service offers home and business owners the peace of mind that their low voltage lighting system is safe and working properly.

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