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  • Enhances your outdoor living areas

  • Accentuates architectural and landscape features

  • LED lighting is energy efficient and provides consistent light output

Landscape lighting has many benefits for your home or business. Most people think landscape lighting is simply for illuminating the exterior of a structure or property. Yet, well designed lighting systems can extend your living space both visually and physically. Landscape lighting may also enhance security of otherwise dark locations of your home or business property.

A professionally installed landscape lighting system can be set up to turn on and off automatically, so you can enjoy the benefits without having to worry about when it will run. Also, make sure your system is designed with a purpose. All areas of your home landscape or business property should be considered from multiple vantage points and areas of need.

outdoor and landscape lighting tips

FL LED Badge
  • Use the right amount of light. Over lighting is easy to do. Proper bulb and filter choices will give you the best look for your landscape.​​

  • Allow for future upgrades to your system. Your landscape is likely to change over time. A well planned lighting system will give you the flexibility to add new wires, increase power capabilities, and upgrade fixtures as needed.

  • Path lighting is not just for pathways. These lights are great for adding light to lower level landscape plants, providing light in inaccessible places, or enhancing areas under trees.

  • Keep in mind how an area will be used. A good plan will consider how an area will be viewed, whether you are walking, sitting, eating, playing, or relaxing in an area.

  • Envision your lighting needs at night. You should walk around your property at night and envision how you are going to see the space. Be sure to view your landscape and property from inside your home. Remember, your landscape will actually need less lighting than inside your home. The goal is to enhance your outside living areas.

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